Your First Visit

What are some things to think about about before meeting with a lawyer at Eddins Domine Law Group?

Meeting your lawyer

You will save time, expense, and frustration if you prepare as completely as possible for your first conversation with a prospective attorney, whether it is over the phone or in the office.

First, you should stick to the facts.

Almost any issue that moves you to seek legal advice is likely to affect you emotionally, and it's natural for you to want an attorney to understand how you feel. It will be easier for an attorney to assist you, however, if you focus on facts more than feelings.

Second, you should show it in print.

Bring any documents that pertain to your problem, such as contracts, citations, deeds, wills, e-mails,letters, or photographs, to your first meeting.

Third, you should leave nothing out.

Your attorney needs to see the situation from every side in order to determine how the law can serve you best. Your information will be held in strict confidence. Attorneys are bound by the same code of confidentiality as clergy and doctors, and without your consent, an attorney cannot reveal anything that you say as part of a professional relationship -- even in this first meeting, before you have actually made a decision to retain the attorney. No court or other authority can force the attorney to violate that confidence. Good or bad, flattering or unflattering, tell the truth and don't leave out any relevant facts about yourself or your problem.

Fourth, you should ask questions.

If you don't understand something, ask. And it's also ok to ask about an attorneys professional experience, education, background, and familiarity with the kind of problem you are presenting.

Finally, you should discuss attorney’s fees, expenses and court costs and payment.

The attorneys at Eddins Domine bill matters in a variety of ways. The most common way is hourly billing based on a fixed fee per hour. The exact fixed fees varies based upon a variety of factors, including among other things the complexity of the issues involved and the experience level of the attorney proving the applicable service. Services billed on an hourly basis are calculated to the nearest tenth of an hour in each case. For clients who pay on an hourly basis and who do not have an established relationship with the Firm, a ten-hour retainer is typically required – although the Firm may depart from this general rule of thumb in either direction based upon the particular circumstances and facts of your case. Retainer fees are paid the Firm’s general escrow account and are not paid to us until we earn them based on actual work performed. Bills are generated for hourly-billed work on a monthly basis. Payment is due within fifteen days of invoice date, and late fees may be charged if payment is not timely made.

Our attorneys sometimes handle matters on a flat fee basis. This is most often the case when the scope of work is well-defined and the terms of the applicable arrangement have already been negotiated. Examples of instances in which the Firm bills in this fashion include uncontested divorce actions, formation of basic one and two-person corporations and limited liability companies, and state trademark and servicemark and federal copyright registrations. In rare cases, the Firm bills matters on a contingency or mixed fee basis. In these instances, all or part of our fee is based upon a successful resolution of the case in your favor. Typically, cases in which liability is clearly established and/or where a fund of money (including insurance proceeds) from which attorney’s fees can be paid is available or otherwise anticipated. Mixed fee arrangements typically entail a combination of a reduced hourly fee and reduced contingency fee are employed.

In addition to the above attorney’s fees arrangements, clients typically agree to pay all costs and expenses incurred by the Firm specifically as a consequence of the representation undertaken on your behalf. These costs and expenses often include such items as: filing and service fees, express or certified mail charges, delivery/messenger fees, court reporter and video recording fees, asset search fees, mediation or arbitration fees and investigator and expert fees. The Firm will not charge for its regularly-recurring and/or fixed overhead expenses such as photocopies, first-class U.S. mail, mileage for automobile travel, electronic legal research and long distance telephone calls.

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